Should I invite him to come, or no?

So my boyfriend has invited me a lot to hang out with his family and it's really nice getting to know them. But, I haven't invited him to hang out with mine yet... Because we live with my Gma and its kinda awkward... So my mom finally told me today that I could invite him to go to the drive- in with me, my mom, her boyfriend, and his 2 kids. Which I want to, but I have REALLY bad social anxiety like I'm not awkward around him, I'm just awkward when I get him around MY family and I get awkward around his family too. So should I invite him to the drive in or?


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  • Ya let him in


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  • Invite him, eventually you will have to introduce him to your family so best to get it out of the way. If you explain to him you are nervous he will probably do his best to make you feel at ease in the situation.


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  • he has to meet them at some point your mother is your greatest alley when it comes to boys so talk to her

    • I have. She said she wants to have him over. She's already met him before, but they never really talked except saying Hi. So, I mean she isn't embarrassing but I'm just afraid it'll be awkward for him or all of us. But I think we might have fun... So I decided I'll invite him😁 thank you.😊

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