Do I have a chance to date my fwb?

okay, i met this guy on tinder, we agreed just sex and parting, little to know we turned out to have a lot in common. we turned out to have the same music taste, he's in a band so music is really important to him, we live the same layed back life style, we have both been veggitarians for long periods of time (hes not anymore) let alone im a pisces and he's a cancer the most compatible signs in the zodiac, he's always letting me know how cool i am to hang out with, how "beautiful" i am and he's even told me he's more of a relationship person. i told him i really wasn't but i didn't tell him he seems to be someone i would totally date, i said straight up i dont do relationships, although i think i have changed my mind. he keeps texting me and even though we can't have sex the next time we hangout (long story) he still wants to chill. we have inside jokes and we really hit it off but i am still worried about the fact that we did agree on just sex and fun times we have only had sex 2 times. so do i even have a chance at dating this guy or am i already to far into it?


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  • This is why friends with benefits doesn't work. One always has or develops feelings. I'm Scorpio and a better match for you by the way. The only way you're going to know is to ask him and talk about it


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  • Doubt there's a chance.