Do you tend to date girl/guy with same origins?

I noticed, in general many Afro American girls date Afro American guys.
Latino dates Latina (or lookalike). And so on.

Why are they more interested in same "ethnic" people than others?


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  • Similar culture and traditions. Plus, we tend to feel attracted to those who are similar to us. Not all, I myself am Hispanic and I'm dating a Jamaican :) I guess there's not really a definite answer since we all have our different perspectives.


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  • People are naturally attracted to whoever can produce the healthiest children with them, which is more than likely someone of the same race. Although, I myself am white and attracted to whites, but there is the odd occasion I'll be attracted to a black guy.


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  • Lol I'm a mixed Latino and why would I lock myself with just one ethnicity that's just boring 😂 I love all ethnic women and I don't care if women of my race throw lip at me for not being with them 😂😆

    • I said tend, I didn't said everyone did! And hopefully!

  • Yeah, I tend to but I ain't against dating someone different.


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  • I've noticed this too, but I don't know why. I'm a white European girl dating a dark Indian guy, so I think I've escaped this...

    • I meant in general so maybe people I see had already dated other ethnic people.

      Like I'm France, we have many differents nationalities living and being in the country since many generations and they still date/marry people who comes from the same country.

    • Ooooo exotic so you're basically dating a black guy and an Indian guy