Do you think it was a bad idea to tell your partner your deepest insecurities?

I told my partner my deepest insecurities... we dated for some years but on the sideline I was always insecure about his preference for blondes with tiny frame figure... i know he was with me cause he liked me for me but the other side always made me unconformable...

so I told him my insecurities as I was in thearapy for it too... i thought maybe it might ease up for me buy sharing it with him but in the end he made me breakup with him buy telling me some girls are prettier than me and his preference is prettier than I... it was the truth but damn I didn't expect the stab in the chest...


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  • I'm going to be the first to say, no, it's not.

    You are supposed to love the person for everything they are, and the same to be said vice versa. Part of building a meaningful relationship is letting the other person know everything about you. You shouldn't do it right away, but you should do it.

    There is always a chance of being hurt. They wouldn't be so deep if it were otherwise. If someone betrays you with it, there is nothing left to do but pick up yourself and move on. Not to say this is the easiest thing ever, because it's not, but it' what you have to do.


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  • I don't think you should share your deepest fears and insecurities with anyone.


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  • If you are in a healthy relationship, telling your partner your deepest insecurities shouldn't ever be a problem. If your partner would use that as a way to have power or control over you, that's definitely not someone you should be in a relationship with.

    I'm sorry that happened to you, but instead of becoming jaded towards men and relationships like Weirdlifegurl appears to be, use it as a learning experience.

  • It's better for them to know your insecurities rather than to leave them in dark about things ,

  • Heck yeah it's a bad idea. Now she knows what gets me going so she's got that extra layer of control. Terrible terrible idea. Relationships work best when there is a lack of information flow and occasional lying.


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  • guys are idiots
    yes it was a bad idea telling him
    in fact your weak points should never be known by anyone cuz people once they about those insecurities they will definitely hurt you with it somehow

    • I learned it the hard way I guess boyfirends aren't all that lovin...

    • i am sorry you learned it that way
      yes all people aren't all that lovin not just guys
      so keep in mind that
      and keep your weak points and insecurities to yourself and work on them try to get rid of them
      good luck :)

  • Why we open up all our deepest insecurities it gives them a mo against us and shows them we are insecure.

    Nothing is more sexy them confidence. ... even if ur not... fake it cuz it will get u far!

  • This is the first question where (so far) I agree with the guys ONLY even with the sarcasm of Anonymous guy.