Is this emotional abuse?

Lately I've been feeling bad about myself in my relationship. My boyfriend always tries to get me to not talk to my other guy friends even at school sometimes. He doesn't flat out tell me but he always hints it like "I think you talk to ___ too much" and "I don't like ___ he's not good for you" when they've been my friends for a long time... I also have depression and my boyfriend just tells me to fake being happy unless there's something "really" wrong so he doesn't have to put up with it and he gets mad at me for not being happy as "much as I should" and when i tell him about it he just says no other guy would deal with my depression better than he does so i should be grateful. he also yells at me a lot and tells me not to do things with guys that he does with girls like play fighting or texting/snapchatting. he tells me what to wear too... and any guys i text have been my good friends for a long time... is this what a relationship is supposed to be like? im worried that this is as good as it will get with my depression making me feel down sometimes and having friends that happen to be guys. if this is how it is then i dont ever want to date again


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  • he sounds like a dick and yes it is emotional abuse, he's controlling, dump him now! its not always going to be like that, there are plenty of good and bad guys out there, he's trying to make u stay by making u feel like there's no other option, its a fucked up but popular trick assholes use to abuse there gfs so they stay with them. DUMP HIM NOW!


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  • You should dump him, he's controlling and definitely emotionally abusive. Relationships are not at all supposed to be like that.