Why won't she date me?

She and I have been seeing each other for 6 months now and we have a sexual relationship/friendship. I have asked her to be exclusive, but she doesn't want to be. I have met most of her family, just not her parents. I'm sure she is into me because we hang out regularly and we make love regularly. I am lean and I work out, but not too muscular where it is scary.

We spend hours daily talking to each other and we share the deepest secrets. Our communication is better than average and we trust each other a lot.

I have shared details of my past girlfriends to her and how each of them have Bachelor degrees. I value education and I dig intelligent women. Don't misunderstand me, I value education for myself, not from others. I don't expect others to follow my priorities and dreams.

She has jokingly shared with me that she feels a bit intimidated by my list of educated women. She feels she doesn't have anything to offer to me, and questions why I am into her. Truth is, she is a very attractive lady, but what shines most is her personality. She carries herself very highly and has the purest heart. She enjoys giving and she is an ambitious woman. We have great chemistry.

Why won't she date me?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe she has a fear of commitment. Why haven't you met her parents? Maybe her parents had a bad relationship and that freaks her out.

    • Keep in mind that it has only been six months and we are not exclusive. She has met my parents because I'm comfortable with the idea, however, she isn't opened to the idea of me meeting her parents, at least not yet. I don't think she is afraid of commitment. She has had a long term relationship before. Her brothers and sisters seem to like me very well.

    • Maybe she just likes her freedom, not that she wants someone else just likes to not feel like she's tied down.

What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe she really is intimidated and doesn’t think she’ll be able to live up to your standards. She might not want to disappoint you. It sounds like you two have a good thing going and she doesn’t want to mess it up. You need to put yourself out there and tell her how much she means to you. Stop talking about your past relationships and start talking about the relationship you want with her.

    • Don't misunderstand me. Our relationship is open and our communication is honest. I trade secets and details of our lives. I don't yap about my past girlfriends, only when she asks about them do I mention it. Do you think the relationship/friendship can move forward? Or is this it?