Older women are sexy?

I love how sexy older women can be. They know what they want they can handle things they don't mind buying things Even if they know they don't have to and my favorite they mature. I wish I had one


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  • yes i agree.


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  • Older hasn't the same meaning for me as for you. I'll keep it at a 10-15% difference in age.


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  • I want to give you a high five and a hand shake right now. You're 17 and already have begun to understand the magic that older women possess! Seriously, once you date an older woman, you'll never want someone your age again. Their maturity and confidence will improve all aspects of your relationship with them, whether it be just sexual or emotional. Women are like a fine wine, improving with age.

  • Women between 30 to 40 are more sexy.

  • Define 'older'.
    When you're 17, this pretty much applies to any woman.

    Don't be fooled though... a lot of them don't know what they want until it's too late.
    They'll be the ones in their 40's still complaining how there are no good men left ;-)

    • I dated a 24 year old and u had some woman in her 30's flirting with me

    • By that definition, then yes.
      Women in their mid 20's to mid 30's are overall the most attractive to a man, regardless of his own age.
      This is when they really own their femininity and come into their own, before getting set in their ways and go stale (and sometimes bitter).

      Don't be surprised if you're attracted to the same kind of women 20-25 years from now.