Help me forget her?

I was dating this girl. I really did like her. I love her personality and she is just a beautiful young woman. As much as we want some things to work out they just don't sometimes. I have been trying to move on. I've been going on dates, hanging around my friends, and being more involved with hobbies. It's been rough. I see her multiple times a week as we work in the same building. I'm still nice to her and she is still nice to me.

Any advice? All in all I just want to be able to move on and I want her to be happy.


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  • I find people in your situation unknowingly still go out of their way to see their ex's and therefore continue to refresh those memories making it hard to move on. Try to make a better effort to avoid her and when you do see her only think of her a person that only wants to be friends and nothing more.