How do I go after her again?

I was dating a girl I met in school for a while a couple of years back.

At that time, I had absolutely no experience with women whatsoever, and I was totally clueless.

I exhibited what I'd call stalker (and weirdo) symptoms:

messaging her multiple times a day, calling her multiple times if she didn't pick up and listening to my friend who asked me to print out her timetable so I could eat lunch with her more often.

Not only that, I wrote her a poem a week. holy sh*te I couldn't believe I was that bad.

But I can say with all certainty that I've changed. For the better, even if I do say so myself :D

How do I pursue this girl again? She's the quiet type, but the moment she smiles at me, my knees crumble and my stomach starts training for the Olympics.

Any advice, guys and girls?


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  • Tell her that