Get depressed about getting old too?

I'm 22 and I look so masculine and good but I know it will all be gone soon enough. It's depressing as fck.


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  • Yes. From time to time.


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  • Don't be silly. You haven't even come close to hitting your peak yet. Unless you turn lazy. I was in my best shape in my late 30s. At 35-40 I was in better shape than 99% of guys your age. If I didn't have injuries I would have continued getting in better shape for several more years.

    The reason a lot of guys start going downhill at your age is because they do sports and stuff in high school, and then quit after they graduate.

    You are in more control of the aging process than you might think.


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  • My dad is almost 50 and the only thing that looks old on him is the bit of grey he has... He has noticable muscle mass and he doesn't even lift weights.. He smokes.. Eats unhealthy but he does walk regularly

    Bro don't worry about it.. If you exercise wnd meditate (meditation reduces the ageing process and so does exercise)

    Also being hydrated could go along way too bro

    • Yeah bro men age like fine wine.. I'm a bodybuilder bro fitness is my life.

    • I second that about the hydration.

      Many guys only look close to their age because they don't color their hair. Grey is the only giveaway. You can look and act young deep into your 40s and 50s if you play your cards right and have decent genes.

  • A lot of how you age is within your control. Healthy sleeping habits. Healthy eating (especially avoiding sugar). Cutting back on alcohol. Exercise. Happiness.

    A healthy 60-year-old can be more attractive than an unhealthy 18-year-old in my opinion. Then I'm biased, because I'm old.

  • I can't wait till i get older, Hopefully when i finish puberty (Guys finish at 20 right?) i might finally fucking look decent :)