Should I trust that he's genuine?

ok well I'll try to keep it short. If you have questions I can probably answer haha. So I started talking to this guy on tinder. we really hit it off, he's super sweet and we've got along really well. the thing is he's from Iowa. and I'm from MN. and we've really hit it off. maybe a little dirty talk haha but before that we've really got to know each other. and the thing is he's brought up wanting to come visit me at school. but I'm scared because I really like him, and I think this could work out with a lot of effort from both of us. He seems like a really really good guy and the things he writes on his instagram are very genuine and nice. and on facebook. but when we talk its like very personal. we get along well. I just don't want to get hurt, and I don't want to be used. I highly doubt a guy would drive 5 hours though just to hook up with me, when he could find that in iowa.


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  • too early to tell.

    • thats not helpful!! at this point what would you say? do you think that if he actually came and visited that he was serious

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    • no problem.

    • thank you.

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  • Sounds like you can trust him.

    • so do you think if he came and visited would you think he's genuine and would want to make it work? bc I don't know why else you would drive 5 hours

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