Do you believe a relationship can be salvaged after multiple cheatings?

My ex cheated on me multiple times with her ex. But she has also cheated on him multiple times with me. 4 months later, they are still together. Why? She doesn't deserve to be happy. How are they making it work? I've told her boyfriend so many things that she hid from him, and they still keep going. I'm not jealous, because i do NOT want her. I just dont want her to be happy with someone after everything she has done.


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  • You shouldn't waste your thoughts or energy on this. As long as you do, you aren't concentrating on your own life. Let her live her life, even if you disagree with the way she chooses to live it, and you live yours.

    • I agree, but its hard when she was my first love, and im still alone. Dont get me wrong i've been with multiple girls since her, but she is always the one i want. Even after all this bullshit. 4 months later, im still on this shit. Its pathetic as hell, and i hate it. But what can i do? I'm out and about all the time. I'm very busy. But she always clogs up my head.

    • Four months is really not a long time when it comes to breaking up with someone, especially when you feel like they've been bad to you/used you. It took me about a year to move on after one of my relationships failed. It was horrible. You should make an effort not to concentrate on her too much though, even if you fail at times (which is ok) you should always remind you that she's no longer a part of your life and you're better off without her. Like I say, it'll take time. But eventually you'll get over it/her. Just don't let it consume you too much.

    • As much as i am better off without her, and as much as im told i am, its just sad that i feel like im not. But i am. I miss her good traits. she's probably forgotten me by now, and knowing that, kills me. Its like i was a toy that she got bored of. When she was my favorite toy of all. Im literally afraid to fall in love again, because the pain that is endured if it all goes wrong, really doesn't feel like its worth it again. Especially nowadays when most of these girls are all bad and used up. There are good ones, but they are in hiding.

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  • He's a loser. One of those desperate guys that will do anything to keep a piece of trash because he doesn't want to be alone. You warned him and trust me she will cheat again. Hopefully you are true to your words and make sure it isn't with you.

    • i like you

    • Haha thanks. No go find someone better than that ho giver one more reason to hate herself

    • Typing and driving is not a good combo. NOW go and GIVE HER one more reason.


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  • Maybe if it's "true love forever" but i don't know


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  • I wouldn't lift a finger to "salvage" it after just one cheating.

    Oh and, dude, move the fuck on already. You don't gain anything by staying perpetually angry at her. You each have a life of your own.

    • easier said than done. you can't tell me you haven't fallen in love before.

    • I'm not going to be the guy with the high morals here, just saying it's better you move on.

  • Wait. MULTIPLE times, with BOTH of you guys? Y'all deserve each other in my opinion.

  • Hell NO! Leave that bitch alone!