Show him how I would like to be kissed?

Okay, well just a few days ago, my boyfriend and I were hanging out. We started to kiss... and the first thing he did was shove his tongue in my mouth! it was sick, so I pulled away and told him to slow down, but I don't think he got the idea because he did it right away the next time,

so I guess I'm wondering would it be okay,ish if I was like,"do it like this" then showed him how I would like to be kissed, or would that not be a good idea?


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  • Communication is key in a relationship! Let him know that you don't like him shoving his tongue straight into your mouth. If you tell him to just slow down he'll think he can do it later on. Tell him straight up whether or not tongue is okay at this point in your relationship.

    If he doesn't listen to you then obviously he doesn't care about you and only cares about what he wants.

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  • /its a totaly good idea to kiss him and show him how you want it.

  • how about if you show him how you would like to be kissed by kissing him and showing him that way?


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