How to initiate hanging out with your crush?

So things have been really good recently and I've found out that the guy I have feelings for likes me as well. We're both very awkward though (and coworkers) so how can I initiate hanging out? I think he wants to as well but I don't know how to push it to the next level?


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  • If he is awkward as well he may not see signs that you want to hangout, I'm sure he does too he just isn't sure how to ask. Just say one day hey let's go out somewhere you and me I want to spend time with you doing whatever you want to. Make sure you are very clear that this is like a date because a lot shy guys like him don't have a lot of confidence and usually think you are just being nice to them.


What Girls Said 1

  • "Hey, would you like to go grab a cup of coffee after work? I know this good coffeehouse..."