Guys, what do short men really want?

I see a lot of pointed arguments from short men on GAG accusing tall or women taller then themselves of never giving them a chance or they assume all women only want a tall guy, yet from my own personal experience, it is the shorter men that I've dated that have had a problem with my height, not the other way around. What are short guys looking for? Are they seeking tall women? Women tend to be shorter in general so if they have such a problem with taller women, why not seek a woman shorter then themselves? I don't get it. As a bit of an oddity being a tall woman, I've never had an issue with my height even though I've been teased relentlessly for it my whole life. I wear heels still, and I celebrate it. If you're short all you need to do is grow some confidence... but I've said that, and its blah, blah, blah, tall women are evil, women are evil, no one will ever love them.. and on and on.


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  • I guess they just want love like everyone else?
    Sure, I understand why someone is not into midgets... but come 5' 7" isn't that bad.
    And really... it's a stupid as a guy only dating blondes.

    • I find people who make that argument kind of foolish because everyone on the planet has a preference. Everyone. People only say that when they don't fit into someone elses preference list and they want to. If someone only dates a certain type of person, then clearly that person is not the one for you and vice versa, so getting hung up on it, is a waste of anyone's time.

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    • ... the thing is... if someone is going to say they only date redheads, and that's it and won't give you a chance even though the only difference between you and them is your hair color, then again, CLEARLY they are not the person for you and you can't force it and why bother wasting your time on that person rather then looking for someone who at least has more of an open mind when it comes to dating. So many people though get mad at those type of people... its like so what, they don't like you, they are missing out, rather then get hung up, find someone or be found my someone who does like you for you.

    • That part you're right about.
      Getting hung up on it is equally stupid.
      Because why the fuck would you want a relationship with someone that narrowminded?

      But I guess it's just frustrating being confronted constantly about an insignificant 'flaw' you have no control over... and with people constantly giving you shit because of it... lashing out is eventually inevitable.

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  • I prefer shorter than myself, but I'm honestly happy with either so long as she's okay with it. I've never met a woman that was okay with it, though. I don't have the right to be picky as a short guy.

  • They want not to be short! lololololol

  • Short guys just want a decent chance. They can't be picky.