Girls, What do girls okay with their female friend dating a younger guy?

So i am 19 year old male who is going out with a 24 year old women. Sometimes when I am around her friends they give me a disgusting look and ignore me. I really don't understand why. I think it might be the age gap between me and their friend, but I am sorry I find older women attractive. I want to know if any of you girls had a friend who dated a younger guy and how did you ladies react to it.


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  • Never had that, but there was a friend of mine who dated an older guy (it was your situation but then the other way around). At first I thought.. my god he's gonna take advantage of her (he looked like a 24 year old pervert) . But seeing them now 2 years later I realized that long ago I accepted him, cause he's her boyfriend. And she knows what's best for her, and I should care about her happiness.

    To cut it short: it's sort of like a caring thing, friends tend to think they know what's best. Just give it some time, try to be nice to them. And most of all remember: you're in this relationship for her, not for her friends ;)

  • If you're good to my friend and you make her happy, I'll support the relationship. NOTHING else matters.