Having my first 'first date' in a long time - what do I do?

So I recently met a guy at a birthday party. he's the friend of a friend. we've got a hangout/date (not too sure what to call it) coming up. I haven't had a date in a while so I'm pretty nervous... any tips to calm a girls nerves?
good conversational starters? anything?

please and thank you :)


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  • Just be yourself and think more in the long run. This date could be the first of many dates like it or this date could be the last of them. Assuming the first impression went well, you won't have to worry unless you have reason too. First dates are a little bit over hyped in my opinion... they are more like conversation dates to see what the other person will say or what their opinion on a subject is. Relax and just think of things to ask him in a casual manner and everything will go smoothly. Hobbies, interests, favorites, and places to go are good questions and can lead to many other conversations as you go back and forth. It's all really easy!

    • Thanks. Yeah I guess I am just hyping myself up. The first impression went really well I think (and clearly he thought so too since he initiated conversation after the party). I just worry that for some reason this time around I won't think of anythign to say since it's just the two of us

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  • Talk about the things you have in common.


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