Guy asked if I wanted to go steady? Can someone please help me?

Long story short we started going on dates, but this time.. it was different. But the last recent date we had was not as good as the last. We were at a friends house double dating, and watching movies.. but it was quiet, more than it was lively. We cuddled, and etc. But it felt different. We already had sex before, so.. it definitely didn't contribute to this. Also, I know... on my part this is just...😤😳
But I gave him a bj only because I was on my period. He was still treating me the same afterwards. He still held me, and etc.. but when I texted him he never responded. I'm just so, can't even explain my emotions. I don't even know. I'm afraid to talk to him about how i'm feeling... not used to sharing my emotions with anyone. How to get out of my shell? What should I do with this situation?


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  • Are you certain he read your message? Why don't you try calling him?