I think my boyfriend likes my best friend?

well I have a boyfriend we have been dating for 3 weeks and before me and him started really talking he kissed my best friend like 4 times and every since then I think he likes her but he swears he don't.. should I believe him?


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  • If he says he doesn't then you should believe him. Relationships are built upon trust so you MUST trust him. What he had with your friend could have just been a fling because, he is dating you now isn't he? If he liked her so much he would probably be dating her. If you keep bugging him about kissing your friend, he's eventually going to get annoyed and break up with you so just trust him and let things be if you ever want to have a good relationship with him.

  • i say you should believe him..you should he's your boyfriend just as long as he didn't kiss her while you guys were dating that's just what I think but my boyfriend is over here saying he's like her that he didn't kiss her for nothin and not to trust him...that he's a boy and he knows