Did he actually ask me to Homecoming or what?

So I was hanging out with my friends and this guy I think likes me. I invited my friends so they could see how he acts and if he actually likes me. We went to mini golf and the dinner. He asked what I was doing Sept 29 and I told him I didn't know he responded with wear a nice dress. Later at dinner he said that it was homecoming that's why I should wear a nice dress. I told him that I thought homecoming was in October. I told him the actual date of homecoming later when we got home and he just said "Okay...". Did he ask me to homecoming or what? by the way I'm going to be a junior and he'll be a sophomore. We're really close friends and I asked him if he would be my backup to Prom if I don't get a date.


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  • Lol you should just confirm it with him.


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  • yes he asked you.