Is it better to stick to one group?

I'm a drifter. I'm very athletic and jock like but hang with the "emo" crowd. My schedule is crowded with the good girl volunteer work options but at the same time I'm a bit of a nerd. (i'm on speech team, NHS, FBLA, and Nat'l Spanish Society) Do guys get put off by being drifters or put on? Does it even matter? What's your "clique" you like a girl to belong too?


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  • Everybody's different, but generally it only matters if you're going to be hanging out with a bunch of your friends while he's there, or vice versa. You can be completely different and still be very happy together, its really how the two of you approach it.


What Girls Said 1

  • That just shows that you're well-rounded, not judgmental, and can relate to different people. If anything, it's a positive because obviously you would make great conversation! If the guy is a douchebag then it would matter, but you wouldn't want to date a douchebag anyway lol