, Have you ever dated a bi sexual guy? and did you ever feel insecure about that?

If you did... Did you ever feel insecure? like, did his sexual preference ever bother you? I'm just curious to know... and NO, I am not against LGBT. I wholeheartedly support it. Thank you.

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  • It has nothing to do with his sexual preferences
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  • Yes, I'm dating a Bisexual guy right now
    And his sexual preference doesn't bother
    I know he really likes me, and there nothing to be insecure about.


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  • I'm currently dating one right now and it doesn't bother me...

  • Being bisexual is having two partners at once. (or at least not totally dedicated if there is one partner) So, yeah. It'd bother the partner who is the true one. May it be the guy or the girl who is in true relationship with the bisexual guy.

    • Being bisexual means you find both genders to be sexually attractive.

      Having two sexual partners at once is called polygamy or polygyny, depending on the gender of the person having more than one sexual partner.