I've had friend with limited benefits but never a bf? can't figure out a difference?

I've done sexual stuff but I am a virgin, these were all with friends who I have had a understanding with that it won't turn into anything more. The reasons were all different. Anyway recently I met a guy that I have started really liking. We met online and live not so close, have been talking for 4 months but met only 4 times because we have only weekends to meet. Anyway 4th time things got really heated and sexual without intending. Now I've grown into this highly insecure girl who is afraid its going to be just about the sexual stuff. How do you know the difference? The guy has never been in a relationship either.


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  • Just feel your way and take what happens as what happens it will all fall into place if you just let it


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  • A friends with benefits mean you use each other, with no romantic emotional attachment. If one of you meet someone else then what you have between you will end. You don't plan a future together.

    A boyfriend will be committed you, and show you exclusive devotion. You will both plan a future together

    friends with benefits doesn't offer emotional security, a relationship does


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  • all sexual. no commentment


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  • As the name suggests boyfriend is a friend who is a guy