What Are Your Expectations?

I've been getting the impression that expectations vary quite a bit from person to person when it comes to what we expect from a partner. This idea is in conflict with prior generations where men and women knew pretty well what the opposite sex wanted from them. So, what do you expect from a partner? In other words, what should a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/boo bring to the table in a relationship?


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  • Trust, good communication, respect, support and patience. I could say other things, but for now these are the ones that come my mind and also the ones I consider the most important.


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  • Prior generations had no more idea what to expect from the other gender than any other generation. Individuals vary wildly, and with that, the dynamics of every relationship vary. Every couple needs to iron out who brings what to the table, and it will be different with every relationship.

    • I respectfully disagree, but I don't want to go into that. What are your expectations for a partner?

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  • Equal space, respect, trust, and honesty.


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