Girls honestly no bs?

I was 21 and she was 19. We dated for months. She said nothing serious and didn't want sex since she said she was a virgin. To be honest i was insecure because she's gorgeous. I will stalk her online and ask who's this and who's that. We'll also fight about things i saw online almost every time we hung out. I was pretty much bothering her. As the saying goes "If you never had a hot girlfriend your bound to get your feelings hurt". Well she left to college and i stayed home. We didn't see each other for a whole year but did keep in touch via phone. Well now she moved back because she didn't like the idea of being away so far. Now she's attending college in our hometown.

One day i decided i wanted to put it out on the table just because i don't like bs. I met up with her and i wanted to ask because just out of curiosity. I wanted to know if she slept around during the 1 year break without coming off strong. I asked if she dated anyone while she was in college? she said "yes nothing serious". I then admitted i only slept with one girl. I then asked what did she do? and she stayed quiet. I will keep asking again and she covered her ears and started speed walking to get away from me. I then said hey I don't know what you did being honest will help. She replied with a sarcasm face "yeah i did a 3 some happy". I'm sure she was lying.

What do you think about this whole enchilada? If your about to say it's not your business well maybe it is because i respected her and if she thinks she's going to come back after another stranger guy has taken the bite before me well then she's godamn skippy.


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  • I'm pretty sure she's not interested in you. Maybe while she was in college some fuckboy used her for sex and broke her heart, she couldn't handle it and moved back. Now she gets a lot of pressure from you, all this questions. She just doesn't want to talk about it. You can give her some time and wait until she opens up for you, but I would recommend to move on.


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  • "nothing serious and didn't want sex"

    then what is the point?

    she's not interested, move on


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  • Don't be clingy or dad-like. Us girls hate that. Just tell us you care and are there to listen, we don't like being pressured. And also, don't get mad. Just be the 2 ears to listen and have a conversation with. Be understanding and have arms open for her, she'll open up if she's comfortable that you won't judge. Trust me

  • Just back away and find someone else.


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