Girls, What does it mean when you say "I look for a guy with a great personality"?

I am just trying to figure out what that means, apparently I dont have a great personality because women dont even look in my direction. I know American women dont care about looks, or money and that doenst make or break their decision because if it did would have had a bunch of girlfriends by now, so there has to be some element of how the guy acts. I dont even know how to describe how I act, but my personality is right on the borderline of introverted and extraverted. And I guess this turns off women because I dont control when I feel like I want to be extraverted. I might just be sitting in the library and suddenly feel like talking to someone, so I'll go over and talk to a girl sitting alone, and basically lead the whole conversation. But then the next day I will just want to be alone so if I see the girl I'll ignore her, or be really hands off in the conversation because I dont really feel like talking. Thats just how I work and I dont think women like it. I think I might have a mild case of bipolar disorder, which isn't diagnosed but I certainly have characteristics of being bipolar, which is another challenge because women obviously dont like men like that, since I haven't had a girlfriend in my 22 years of living. I am just trying to figure out how I am supposed to act around women though, because if I act like myself women ignore me, and dont even talk to me, so I need a new approach.


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  • There are people who are like you, mixed of intro and extra. I don't think it is bipolar but more on mood swings, that can be pretty normal. With your description, maybe you should try to consider the girl's (in this case) feelings esp when she is around you. There are times when u don't feel like talking and u want to do something, you can say that to her in a friendly tone with a smile then she will understand and not hate you.

    It is best whenever a guy acts as who he is. She will see your best qualities w/o having the need to be a good guy all the time or trying to be someone else. Women don't talk to you? maybe you give an aloof unapproachable vibes. If you think that's the problem then you can try to change. You can start with smiling and share your interests or better yet, her interests or anything random to start the convo.

  • Girls look for guys with bubbly personalities. So maybe you should just change how you present yourself and it'llbe a better outcome.