Should I give up the chase?

Before you make any assumptions, I've been really into this girl since the beginning of summer, and was lucky enough to go on a date with her about 2 weeks ago. We both wanted a second date. But ever since that whenever I text her, snapchat, call. She doesn't respond, not even a few hours later to say she was busy. I feel like I'm getting nowhere and it consumes every thought I have in a day. I'm getting so frustrated and angry with myself thinking that I did something wrong. Should I just cut my losses and stop chasing her?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Send her a text asking to go out somewhere and if she doesn't reply back within a week.. its safe to say you should let her go and find someone else.


What Guys Said 1

  • Either she is not very good at communication skills, means a person who takes long time to reply and sometimes they don't even reply and they'll say I forgot and things like that or she is trying to indicate that she is not interested in you. I would suggest forget about her.