Boyfriend destroyed a painting I made for him saying he was heartbroken?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 months. Two months in he proved that he loved me more than I did him at the time so I felt safe enough to paint him a painting that he loved and things about him that I loved on the back. It was perfect. I had told him I never made anyone else a painting before that because it takes a lot of effort. I spent over 10 hours on that. Last night he told me that his best friend told him we hooked up two months ago even though it never happened and there was never anything going on, but that out of being "heartbroken" he burned my painting to ashes. He lied to me for 2 months, I never even saw the painting after I gave it to him. He even asked me earlier that day if i would make him a replica of it so that he could keep his safe at home and have one with him in college so it doesn't get stolen. He made the whole thing about himself, calling himself a monster saying he's depressed and all that, apologized. But I dont understand how someone could watch something I made with so much love, time and effort burn to ashes without even asking me if anything actually happened. What do I do? Do I dump him, he's very much in love with me and i am with him but how could i get over this disrepect to art and me.


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  • That's really childish, he just sounds like a big baby to me. What kind of person destroys something that another person put time and effort into specifically for them. The fact that he didn't even let you explain yourself or refute his friends claim just adds to his rap sheet. I'm not telling you how to run your relationship, but maybe you should take a break or at least have him repay you some how, through genuine means.


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  • Don't be friends with him.

    • so dump him all together? we are doing long distance its been a week since he left for college so i dont know what to do


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  • Once you gave the art to him it was his to do with whatever he pleased. His BIG mistake was to believe his friend rather than you and not even bother to I call that a betrayal of trust. The question is, Does he realize how stupid he was?

  • That is a low act to destroy something that he should have cherished with all his heart. For it was as if you gave part of you to him in the painting

    I could never forgive that and any person who did that proves they are not worth your time

  • Dont be friend

    • he's my boyfriend what do you mean by dont be friends?

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    • he does im his first everything so he's deep deep in love with me

    • So i should say u can be forever with him

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