Boyfriend seeing my scars for the first time. How would you feel?

I self harmed for 4 years straight and I have scars. My boyfriend knows everything but he's never seen my scars, I have always covered them up with either makeup or clothing. I didn't wear any cover up and I'm nervous about him seeing. I'm afraid of how he will react. How would you react?


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  • Id hug you and still pamper you it wouldn't change how I feel about you. If I were your boyfriend. Id just feel more special knowing that your comfortable around me.

    • Thanks it makes me feel much better to hear that and I'm hoping he will react similar

    • Dont even bring um up just let him see you fearless and just be proud of yourself girl. I've found a beautiful girl im falling for she's battered up but i never really cared where the scars on her came from i just love her from the bottom of my heart.

  • As long as your not still doing this i don't think it will be a problem. Especially because he already knows about it. Everyone goes through rough times. Granted 4 years is a bit of a stretch, and sucks you (and possibly someone else) put you through that.

  • He will be fine


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