If your girlfriend broke up with you during a fight would you take her back?


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  • Depends why. If she was being an evil cow by cheating or something then no.
    If it was my fault or a misunderstanding then I will fight to get her back.


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  • I would take my significant other back if they broke up with me in a fight.

    However, I would hope that they can handle their emotions better.
    It's expected that we disagree or butt heads at some point in a relationship, as two mature adults we should be able to sort this out or discuss it in a healthy manner.
    Acting on emotion and breaking up with me... is something I would hope would not be a regular thing.

    If this person apologized, I would forgive him and talk to him about it.
    if this person did it again , I'd probably not be with that person anymore.
    It strikes me as immature and someone who is emotionally unstable.

    • Thanks and yeah I agree. If it is used as a tactic in a fight that's not cool.

      I was probably rug to break up with him though and should stick to my guns.


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  • If she came to me by text, by phone or in person and told me she was extremely sorry for what she said and that she regretted it, I would take her back.

    What was the fight about, and how long ago was it.

    • He didn't want me to stay at his place because he is babysitting a friends dogs and I have a dog. My dog has been coming with me but we have to rotate them inside then outside and crated in odifferent rooms. I bought a crate for my dog because I knew he would have his friend's dogs for several weeks.

      Today I told him I would leave my dog at home and hire a dog walker but he still did t want me to come which is unusual. I asked him what we were going to do then for the remainder of the stay and he said he could come over late and stay with me. To which I responded that I'm not a booty call.

      Something tells me the dogs were an excuse but I might be wrong. However he is on OKC right now so pretty sure it is over. We went from great on Saturday to this today.

      The fight was last night. I don't know if staying together is the right thing but do wonder if it is an optio. I have to go get my dogs things from him

  • Depends on the circumstances.

  • Reason behind the fight?

  • I do if i love so much or if she is trying to be aa rude i will never go back :)

  • Depends on what we broke up about. Typically when I get mad I get over it rather quickly. I never stay mad unless it's something really really bad. So yeah more than likely I'd eventually try to talk her into make up sex.


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