Girls, When it comes to guys who are tall, strong, confident and aggressive I tend to give it up and it doesn't last. Why don't they stay with me?

I think i'm attractive, have a great figure and a flat belly. I met a guy like that at a bar, he complimented me and made me laugh. We went on a few dates. On one, he lifted my shirt and tickled my belly. We had a chance meeting at a beach gathering with my friends. I wore a shorts and my t-shirt's sleeves were folded and the front was tied to show my midsection. He came and started rubbing my arms and kissing my neck and I went weak. He started feeling up my belly and I didn't resist, took me back to his place and I gave in. He doesn't pay enough attention to my needs, and tries to order me around and tries to expose my back or my belly when I don't want him to.


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  • dont be easy.
    get to know him on an emotional level I have a banging body too and its a weakness with men, just cover up more and reveal more of your mind ;)

  • maybe you just haven't found the right one.