Should I be mad about this? girlfriend wearing a ring another guy gave her?

Im in a long distence relationship with a girl I've known for 2 years. Recently I was on video chat with her and I asked her about the ring she has on her finger and she told me that her bestfriend that is a guy gave it to her, she did not mention him when we started going out. I only knew about him because he died couple months back. She said "it was a corny Valentine's day gift " and he gave it to her a long time ago before we started talking. She told me the only reason why she is wearing it is bc he is dead and it's not like that was her ex that gave it to her. She is asked me "do you want me to take it off" how should I handle this situation am I overreacting? Need help?


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  • its not a big deal.


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  • Just let her wear the ring and get used to it. She isn't wearing it because she is cheating she is wearing it in remeberance of her friend so you need to chill and let her wear it...