A good boyfriend?

I've never dated a girl before so i have no idea wwhatt to do, how do i be a boyfriend, what makes me more than a friend and gow can i be a better boyfriend


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  • First fo all, be yourself. No girl will appreciate it if they find out that you've been pretending just to make them fall for you!

    Talk about the things you like, be honest and gentle with her even when you think you should hide things and lie. Be there when she needs you so she knows she can trust you; she will open up to you this way. Friends spend time together and talk about lots of things, but partners take that to a whole new level: dating is the one chance you have to aproach her and make her see you as "more than a friend".

    If you want to be a "better boyfriend", genuinely care for your girl ans let her see it. Don't just say things; actions speak louder than words. A touch, a hug sometimes mean more than anything you can express with words. :)


    • im not saying I'm going to lie I'm just not very social , i tend not to know how to act in situations and just bs something stupid or sit there. well i mean what kind of actions... i dont know many ways to show i care, i tend to repeat myself.

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  • You have to take many of these quizzes online and find out


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