How many of you like a skinny girl? What's your opinion on eating disorders? dating a girl with one?


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  • I wouldn't date a girl if I knew she had a eating disorder. That might sound rude or superficial. But I know myself, and I wouldn't be able to handle it properly I think. You'd ended a lot of patient, and your SO might not listen to your advice, and that'd frustrate me too much. Hearing endless complaining about something but not trying to do anything about it tires me out. So yeah, that's my answer to that. And as for skinny girls, i don't really mind if it's not skin and bones. But i prefer a girl with a bit more volume. Not model type skinny, but more the 'normal', athletic or chubby type.


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  • What the fuck.

    • do you have a problem?

    • If you don't have an eating disorder why are you even asking?😂
      Most people will say "oh I'd never date someone who knows they have an eating disorder blah blah" but in reality if they find someone they love who is struggling with one they will be there to help them. I almost died from mine until i met my boyfriend and haven't gone back to that in over two years.
      Just my input 😆

    • Also i meant to put what the fuck on an opinion someone posted. My bad xD

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  • You're still a child and have time to grow.

    Yet, for someone my age; I prefer not to be with someone skinny. Due to biological reasons.

  • How strict are your parents?

    I ask because those teen girls I knew with anorexia tended to have parents (or sometimes even peer or other authority figures) SO controlling that the teen girls "took control" of one aspect of their lives that they could, namely, eating.

    Yes, my experiences are unscientific. But call it a hunch something is going on there...

    • This isn't about me lol. It was just a question. I don't have an eating disorder.

  • red band society. idc as long as you take care of yourself


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