When does dating become a relationship?

In your experience, what's the best way to go from casual dating to an exclusive relationship? Feel free to explain your answer in the comments section if you want.

  • What's wrong with keeping things casual?
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  • It just evolves naturally without either person saying anything.
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  • The man initiates "The Talk" about wanting to be exclusive.
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  • The woman initiates "The Talk" about wanting to be exclusive.
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  • I've never needed 'the talk'. A good relationship flows so naturally and effortlessly that you are having so much fun and spending so much time together you might not ever realise how serious you are! It might even take a moment like at a restaurant, your SO goes to the washroom, and the server comes to take your order, and you tell them: "Just waiting for my girlfriend to come back from the... oh."


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What Girls Said 3

  • It doesn't matter who initiates it, but you have to have the talk to make your relationship exclusive.

  • I don't know but I'm not one of those girls that will sit and wait on a guy to get his mind together. I'll be gone before he sees me as only an option

  • when either the man or the woman initiates "the talk".

    • Do you think it's better for one gender vs. the other to initiate that conversation?

    • i dont think it matters.

What Guys Said 1

  • If I'm not seeing anyone else, and don't want to. If she's not seeing anyone else, and doesn't want to.

    I don't get the whole thing about making it "official". That enslaves them. It has to be voluntary. Each day is a choice to be with that person and nobody else.