Guys do you like good girls?

It's no surprise that most women fall for bad boys but is it the same for guys?

Just curious. And when I say a good girl I don't mean unattractive and nice I mean nice and attractive and when I say bad girl same thing attractive but bad as in does drugs parties lots isn't nice etc. Or what do you find to be a bad girl?

What do you prefer?

  • I like good girls
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  • I like bad girls
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  • Nice girls are half of what guys try for.

  • Yep but I didn't got one😶?
    Are you a good girl?

  • I like nice girls. The "parties a lot" part isn't out of the question, though ;)

    • nice but know show to partay?

    • I mean, they may or may not party. What I'm saying is that I won't consider them "bad" for liking to party.

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