What does this mean if a guy says this?

I have been seeing a guy for a month and he is supposed to becoming with me to church next week. We have not had the talk just yet, but I asked him what should I introduce him as when we attended church bc I didn't want things to be awkard or for us to be on differnent pages. He said a boyfriend or whatever you are comfortable with. He is kind of introverted but much older.


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  • Sounds like you two are in a relationship. I would have that talk before you attend church so you both are 100% on the same page


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  • If he has given You his Honest John Answer in Calling him 'A boyfriend,' so be it here, dear.
    However, if you do Not feel the zeal and the Need to Call him This because you are Not 'Comfortable,' tell him for now so you don't have to Explain Any Sweet Tweet to Every Godly person, you would prefer to call Him... My friend_
    Good luck. xx

    • I do feel the same way he does, but I just didn't know the right way to go about introducing him to my friends at church. I didn't want to say he was a friend as he might have been offended, but at the same time I didn't want to be needy and say boyfriend when we never had the talk about a title etc.

    • He has given you Permission though. Sounds like a good way to beginning for a Match made in heaven. xxoo

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  • It means that you can say whatever you want... simple as that. Don't overthink it. He just wants you to be comfortable that's all.

  • That he would like to be your boyfriend...