Would you date yourself?

i was like thinking about this a second ago and though it be fun to do this poll , I was thinking if I was a girl would I date myself ? and was like to be honest I don't know ? as I don't have anything to get her excited about and not really that hot or have a great body or much experience . but then I don't really think I'm a bad guy just had some bad luck with the wrong girls and honestly I think I'd make a great boyfriend if I was ever given the chance .

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Most Helpful Girl

  • lol great question. as much as I love myself, I wouldn't date me. there's just so much wrong with me


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  • Honestly... the only reason I've learned to live with myself is because I am stuck with me. I'd have dumped me long ago if it was possible.

    Any time I have ever struggled the most with a person it is because they best me or they remind me of the qualities I dislike in myself. I imagine if I could date myself this would pose a serious problem to any relational development o_O;;;

  • never. people need to have common ground, yes. but they most importantly need to balance each other- i.e. make up for each others' shortcoming and faults. I would hate to see me faults reciprocated in the other person, and I would begin to hate them. if you have the exact same good points you will always compete and with all the bad points, you will only resent each other. it would never work.

  • I voted Yes although now that I think about it... I guess its No and Yes at the same time.

    Cause am too crazy and too honest, I would probably get hurt if I date Me because of the sharpness and insanity...

  • In some ways, I think I make a better friend for a guy than a girlfriend.

  • this is a really good question. I feel like everyone should ask themselves this question to make sure they are on the right path. I think I would make a good girlfriend and wife one day but to be totally honest if I were a guy I probably wouldn't notice me at first..i need to work on my looks more and become more confident. so I would probably date me eventually, but we'd probably be friends first and I wouldn't notice me in the beginning.


What Guys Said 1

  • I could see why someone would be interested in dating me, and if I were to go over it I could see the qualities I could offer someone as a respective partner. But I'd probably get bored of myself after a few months.