I have a boyfriend but my ex keeps calling?

I was with my ex for about a year. It was good at first, but then we both realized we wanted different things in the long run, and went our separate ways. Even though it was mutual, I was still really, really heartbroken, and it took me a few months to begin to move on with my life. Just recently I started seeing another guy, who is perfect. We have the same morals and interests, and he treats me amazing. I've really found myself falling in love with him. But then my ex found out that I had a boyfriend, and now he won't stop calling me. He tells me he misses me and tries to make me remember things of the past that I've tried to bury. I can tell that I still do love him- I probably always will. But I don't think I can go back to him, because I know that he is still childish and not ready to commit. My new boyfriend is head over heels in love with me and treats me amazing-- so why do I still keep thinking about my ex? What do I do?


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  • DONT. BE. STUPID. I promise you your ex will fuck you over again, he just wants you back because you found someone. Deep down you know this, and you are not stpuid. Be kind to yourself and keep your new boyfriend.


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  • Just ignore your ex. You're very happy with this new guy now and if you went back to your ex, just imagine how difficult it would be in the long run as you said you both wanted different things. If you can, block your ex's number or something.