Would you ever date someone like this?

They have a history of beingabused.
They are uncomfortable in family situations.
They enjoy physical comfort, but can become uncomfortable with it without warning or reason.
Tend to clam up when upset.
Not very high self esteem but comes across as confident and a little arrogant.
Always making fun.
Deals with sensitive issues by finding humour in it.
Adept at hiding problems with a smile.
Family issues.
Easy to talk to.
Easy to trust.
doesn't find it easy to trust others.
Not very good at sharing true feelings with people close to them but willing to share everything else.
Open about all bodily functions (farts, burps, periods, going for a piss or shit).
Not very tolerant of religious restrictions.
Tolerant of religion itself however.
doesn't care what you do with your life or body unless theyre affected by it.
Will initiate physical contact in the form of a hug or more often without warning, and little consideration for consent.
If you tell them to get off they will.
Would you ever date someone like this?

  • yes
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  • no
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  • dunno
    20% (2)17% (2)18% (4)Vote
  • results
    10% (1)17% (2)14% (3)Vote
  • depends on their looks
    20% (2)16% (2)18% (4)Vote
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Afraid of them self.


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  • Sounds absolutely like me like its weird


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  • Sounds like 99% of the world's population!! Not a problem!!

  • no, these are normal.


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