Should I just forget about him?

Im in an LDR, and me and my boyfriend have not talked in a long long time. I've been keeping track and its the 36th day we haven't talked. Last time we talked he told me his phone plan was getting turned off and that he would pay the bill two days later. But its way past two days and his phone plan is still off. I like to think maybe he got caught up into paying other things or something, but my friends are saying he changed his phone number to avoid me. Because I've been catching him in a couple of lies and they think he got scared that i would find out the truth, so he just left.
But i really dont think he would do that.. i dont know why he hasn't paid his phone bill yet when he told me he was going to two days later. I dont know if i should wait for him or just assume he doesn't want to talk to me. We have been dating a year by the way.

bump. Anyone else?


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  • I think maybe wait just a little bit longer. Try calling him a few more times. I dont know thought because im sure if his phone plan was off he would find another way to contact you through social media or something

    • Yeah thats what i was thinking :/ he only has an account on one website. he could of messaged me on there, plus on there i have other contact information.

    • Yeah that doesn't sound good

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  • I'm so sorry to say this, but I personally would think it's over according to him and therefore you need to forget about him :(


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