Does he like me or not?

This all takes place on the bus. So there is this guy on my bus who remembers me from 3 years ago. I went on a different bus for the first two years and went to another school for one year. I haven't seen or talked to him for 3 years and he still remembers my name. He is a typical teenage guy (teases people and shit like that) but he doesn't ever do that to me. He turned away from his friends and made eye contact for a long time with me as he asked me a question (since im asain he asked are you smart? and had a whole conversation until i had to get off the bus which was kind of soon but he wasn't rude at all tho). And when his friends were teasing him about him "liking" another girl" he kind of freaked out and immediatly said that they were just friends. Yesterday when I had my headphones i would take them out occasionally bc i thought i hear my name and he would talk to me when i had them out. When someone said"Why are the ends of your hair pink?" I said "cuz I dyed it" and he said "yeah because she dyed that" in kind like a protective way. Also when that same guy asked "who are you?" in kind of a snotty voice he said "Her names Amelie how do you not know?" like it was the craziest thing he heard (not sarcstic tho). Not trying to be bratty but people say im so pretty and gorgeous and skinny so im decent looking not ugly. The only thing is is that he is a year older than me. Do you think he still likes me or at least is interested. Should I go for him?


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  • I may not fully understand the situation, but based on what I understand, I believe that he does like you. But that's not to say that you should "go for him." From the looks of your age, you are still at the start of high school. You have all the time in the world to discover and meet new people. Take it slow and do not rush anything. Good Luck.


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  • You should go for it!