Girls, Why do women in america judge men based on racial stereotypes?

Like if one race is associated with big dick sizes they will only date that specific race. Or whichever race of men that female celebrities date they will go for that specifica race of men. Why can't women be OPEN MINDED? Why are you so closed minded huh? There is more to man than his dick ffs. Just because a certain race is negatively portrayed or has a negative stereotype attached to it doesn't mean you should underestimate or shame that particular race.

A persons persons personality is NOT determined by the colour of his skin but by the content of his charachter!


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  • To tell u truth not all women think about that. at least not me I have never thought of that O just find it weird.


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  • Women across the globe judge men based on racial stereotypes. No different from how women are judged I'd say much more harshly based on racial stereotypes by men...
    You know how many times I've heard people tell me a guy I was talking to was super friendly just because 'everyone knows white girls are easy'?

    In any case, I agree that it's sad how some people feel it valid to judge other people's character and actions according to the colour of their skin. You can't change people's opinions though, the only thing you can change is your expectations. Know there will always be people thinking less of you, all you can do is prove them wrong.

  • Dude I think you need to talk to someone other than this website because you have very low self esteem and are targeting women with your anger. Also this could be why you aren't getting a woman 😕

    • Yep I get the whole "it's not our fault but your fault" bullshit.
      And no I have never been rejected but because I see women with a certain race of men and see them shaming my race online I have the right to fight back.

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    • that's not even what I said dude I gave you advice to collect data and write an actual article...

    • You are incredibly sexist, most probably because you are brainwashed by feminist bullshit.

  • i never judge!

  • Lol wow. Eat a snickers.