Girls, Would girls date overweight guys?

I'm not too much of an overweight guy, my BMI is 23.34 and I reduced my manboobs a lot, so they're a bit noticeable. How would I go about dating a girl? Would most girls accept my body or will I be deemed as gross? What are your opinions? I am generally a shy guy and can't really talk too well to girls I am attracted to, I stutter or never even respond. I do excersize and do cardio daily so I am not lazy or inactive. What do you girls think? Do I even have a chance?


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  • Yeah I think you do have a chance. My ex was overweight, he's really handsome and has a great personality so I was attracted to him. I also know of girls who love a bigger guy. You just gotta find someone who likes you and your personality.

  • I totally would.

    • Are you being honest or just saying that because you don't want to hurt me? Be honest, I won't mind haha. If you are being honest, then wow I really may be getting a good rep about this.