Guys, what does a guy saying he kinda loves me mean?

Known this guy a year or so, we had sex a couple of times about 8 months ago. No dates, but pretty much constant texting over past year with sexting. Although this stopped from my end when he started dating someone else a few months ago but he has now broken up with her and messaged me out the blue to say he kinda loves me (he was drunk)


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  • I think he misses you and I think he said the kind of love part to try and hook up and have sex with you. I feel if he really loved you he would never had went out with that other girl. I felt him doing that was wrong because you been talking to him for 8 months. And you and him had the potential to be a couple during that time frame.

    • That's exactly what I thought. Needed a second opinion as sometimes I'm too cynical! :)

    • Lol im glad you thought the same way like I did. 😀