I've had no response for nearly two days, should I call or wait it out?

I've had no response for nearly two days, should I call or wait it out?
I met a guy on tinder round about June this year. We swapped numbers pretty much straight away and have been texting everyday since. We haven't actually talked on the phone, he seems more interested in texting. Or did lol. We live quite far apart but we agreed we would meet up by the end of summer. We've swapped pictures and he seems really keen and tells me how much he likes me. He can be very sweet in his messages too. I was talking to him on whatsapp on Friday as usual and I replied to him about 9 that night and I haven't gotten a response which isn't like him. He's been online quite a bit since. I thought maybe he had just forgotten so I sent him a message last night just asking how his weekend was going. Still nothing and he was online early this morning. My messages are being shown as delivered just not read.
I'm tempted to give him a call tonight just to see what's up but is that weird since we haven't talked yet on the phone? Is it likely he has just went off me that quickly? Should I ask him what's up? Please help me because I really like this guy and I'm pretty sure he likes me too. I'm just so confused.


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  • He's lost interest or met someone else. Don't call, just delete and retreat.

    • How can he just go off someone that quickly? Plus he was active on tinder a couple of hours ago?

    • Not active with you, though, so I'd imagine he has lost interest. If he is receiving your messages but not reading them, he's made a conscious decision to move on. I can't tell you why, but I do feel confident on this based on what you've said. I'm sorry, it does suck.

    • I understand what you're saying. What I don't understand was we were in the middle of a normal conversation as usual. Nothing seemed different at all.

  • You can call him that's not weird you have the right to know what's up. but personally I would probably not call him because you've only just met him and if he really wants to contact you, he will. If he doesn't contact you again that says a lot about him and he's not worth your time anyway.