She's so strange and immature in our relationship and I kind of want to break up, what should I do?

So we've been together for a long time (2 years to be exact) and the "honeymoon phase" finally wore off (yea it seriously lasted for 2 years). Now I'm looking at our relationship without the blindfold of love on and I am not very happy. She's an amazing and attractive person, but she's not exactly my type and she is so childish in our relationship. She is pretty mature normally and I thought that that was how she is, but I now see that she is actually immature and she only acts mature on the outside because she has to take care of her crappy family. Her brother is the only person that isn't a selfish jerk in her family and her mother has serious health problems so she was forced to grow up fast, but she's still childish and innocent on the inside. This is a serious problem for me because I am attracted to mature and logical girls but she is the opposite. She is pretty logical, but sometimes she can be immature with her emotions as well. I'm also sick of ALWAYS having to explain basic information about how to have a relationship that even people who don't date know! She's completely clueless. We broke up a month ago, because of this, but I thought that I had made a hasty decision so we got back together to try and work it out. She knows that I'm still having serious doubts and has given me the option to end it anytime, but I can't decide if I want to put our crippled relationship out of its misery or not. Deep down I think I should, but I keep having second thoughts and hesitating.


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  • you should break up.


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  • Nigga, you really think imma read all that shit?

    • What if I summarize it?


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  • I think I might be able to help because my friend was somewhat childish like how you are describing in her relationship, but can you be more specific? What are some things in particular that make her seem immature in your eyes?

    • It's just her as a whole. She uses all sorts of lame (but funny) nicknames and words for things. She is like a clueless child that I have to guide and teach because she was born in Brazil, and although she's been in America for 10 years she is still clueless about a lot of common things. Plus being completely oblivious is part of her personality. She is also the personification of cute which I am not attracted to at all, and she can be very selfish, clingy, and unable to grasp the depth of certain situations, but the big problem is that although she has all of these traits that I dislike, there is something about how she's so energetic and childish that catches my attention and attracts me. This conflict is the reason why I can't 100% commit, or leave her.

  • You've been together for 2 years and only now you find out she's not your type?

    Look, just end it. You do her a favour to if you end it so she can move on as well. What are you afraid of? The way you speak about her.. it's so negative. I don't read any love. You know exactly what to do.

    • Well I knew from the start, but there is something about her that I do find attractive. Plus I'm still a newbie in the world of dating and this was my first ltr so I'm trying to screw up as least as possible.

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