Will I ever find my right and get married?

I've never even had a boyfriend. I'm a junior in college and i feel like i need to actually start figuring out my life. I can't go out a make a fool of myself and make poor drunk decsions. I can't help to just think about the future and what i will do or even what city my first job will be in. If i'll even know anyone in that city where i get my first job. Everything is just happening too fast and i feel rushed to figure everything out and settle down and it scares me so much. It scares me that i won't find the love of my life, or that i won't be so close to all my college friends anymore. Is it normal to have these thoughts and freak out about all this stuff? I know im only 20 and young and i have my whole life ahead of me, but i feel like i need to get a start on things before im 30 and still single and still confused


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  • Wow, putting a lot of pressure on yourself. It is a long time from 20-30. I'm 30, it seems like a lifetime ago that I was 20. I think its normal to feel like that as you are at a crossroad in your life. You are trying to find a path to your future with no clear signs on what to do or where to go. Settling down is kind of the opposite of what you need to do right now or over the next several years.


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  • of course you will!