What do you think would be the safest food like non-sloppy food to eat on a date?

Now for both: What do you think would be the safest food like non-sloppy food to eat on a date? lol.

and for guys: would you care if you saw a girl eating like a savage basically like basically eating like a guy?

or would you be happy she was eating and being herself comfortably front of you?


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  • safest food- not anything messy like pizza or wings or spaghetti. Seafood is pretty safe, and providing you know how to cut food, meat..

    i wouldn't care if a girl had manners that weren't perfect... I'd actually prefer that because I don't want to have to eat with a napkin on my lap all the time. eating wings would be hell with her.

    However, if she always eats like a "savage", that's not good... If we were eating wings though and she didn't care if I ate like a pig, that'd be a turn on and show me that she's not too stuckup and just overall cool


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  • It really depends on the date. 1st date stick to a burger, fries at like...red robin or something similar. If its your 15th date, might as well be wings at hooters, you obviously like each other.

    As for the second question, I think that if she was eating like a savage id be done, that's such a turn off. It shows she doesn't give a d*mn about what you think.

  • Sushi. Plain and simple. No mess nothing.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • My question is, where do you find those savage eating guys? lol


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  • Eat some food men like. Men are pigs so get Sloppy Joe's and Hot Dogs!

    Remember, touch his p*nis on the date he will beg for more in bed shawty!

    -boob lady