Girls, women behaviour?

Do you think this girl likes me? When we first met on tinder we were texting for like 2 weeks straight until we met up for dinner, we met and did a little hello hug then we ate and had good conversation and laughing, our goodby hug was multiple times longer. We have still been texting for a while, but after one point, instead of always taking about 10 mins to answer, it usually took over 2 hours for her to answer. When I stopped texting her (to see what the response would be) she is now texting me first and answering within 5 minutes. But when I ask her to meetup again, she keeps saying she is busy?

I am so confused :/

Thanks for reading the whole thing :D

then she sometimes sends me a picture of somewhere and says "ya its date worthy" and she sends me pics of stuff and says it reminds her of me lol?


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  • she's not interested.